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It’s Only A Game!

I shall not even mention the result of last night’s Rugby match.   But I will comment on an aspect of all such games.

Yesterday – and through most of the week – I’ve been hearing anti-English propaganda.   Propaganda, that is, not aimed at the English Rugby team, but at English people and England itself in general.

Fortunately, this propaganda – filled as it seemed to be with hatred for all things English – was only spread by a few of The People of Wales.

It is a fact that the few people who call themselves “nationalists” really do use hate as a weapon.   It is a fact, too, that the majority of Welsh folk who have Wales and the ways of its People in their hearts have no need for hate – they are simply proud patriots.   And those proud patriots are the ones who will bring independence to our land.

This comment was first published on the Archie Lowe blog

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