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Corbyn – don’t forget Welsh Kurds

This website has never and will never promote a political party.

We know of people in all political parties who support the idea of an independent Wales.

To criticise a political party in its entirety will only serve to alienate its members and supporters from the cause. Welsh Independence will only be realised when we win enough people over.

It was therefore with joy that we heard about the embryonic Labour For Independence group


However we will also not be afraid to highlight the ill-thought-out, illogicality, and downright absurdity of statements and/or views put forward by people when discussing Welsh Independence – be they politicians, celebrities, or Joe Bloggs.

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn should, in many ways, be a natural ally to the Independence cause.

He supports Irish reunification, and has campaigned with Irish Nationalists.

He believes in a two state solution for Palestine, and has campaigned with and for the Palestinians.

He believes that the Kurds should have an independent State, and again has campaigned with and for the Kurds.

He has shown sympathy to Tibet promoting various Early Day Motions in Parliament.

It seems that he is happy to promote the cause of stateless nations across the world…. except for Wales and Scotland.

This week we learnt that Corbyn opposes allowing the Welsh Government to set its own immigration rules, saying that such a move would be

“fraught with difficulties”.

The idea of devolving these powers to Wales was put forward by a cross party group of MPs in Westminster – which in itself is novel.

But in his response to a BBC Wales journalist, Corbyn said,

“What would you do if it was [in] a contracting industry – say, the building industry – that had a contract to do work in other parts of the UK.

“Would you say that the European workers couldn’t go and work on it?

“I think it’s fraught with difficulties.”

Bear in mind that he said this only a few days after announcing that his party favoured “reasonably managed migration”.

So just to be clear, managing migration is not good if it’s Wales doing the managing, but is OK if the managing is done by the UK.

So UK: good / able / competent. Wales: bad / inept / incompetent.

Just so that we’re clear. Thanks Jeremy.

His inconsistency was called by Plaid AM Adam Price


But not only is his stance on the rights of other Stateless Nations inconsistent with his London centric British Nationalist view, it is also contrary to what his own party is advocating for London:


and what is successful in other States:


On top of this, his argument is utterly absurd,

“What would you do if it was [in] a contracting industry – say, the building industry – that had a contract to do work in other parts of the UK.

“Would you say that the European workers couldn’t go and work on it?

Isn’t it odd that neither neither he nor other Unionist identify this as a problem elsewhere in the world?

Allowing ‘regional’ (urgh!) visas is the next step in the devolution settlement, and would give Wales an extra weapon in our armoury to ensure that we grow our economy.

With Brexit, and the likely limitation on free movement of people, Wales will be at the mercy of the diktats of London once again. Our needs will be ignored. In the future, post tightening control on migration,when the Westminster Government will say that they have allowed visas for X amount of specialist finance workers because the Country needs their skills, you can be sure that it won’t be to answer a demand from Wales. When Wales will be calling out for people to plug gaps in the Welsh economy, do you think the UK Government will heed our call? They won’t ignore us, no, they won’t even hear us!

Our needs, and the needs of the Welsh economy, is different to those of London, as we’ve noted several times before.

If we do not have free movement of people then allowing people to live and work in this country who can help us grow and prosper should be based on our needs.

Our Government are able (at least in theory!) to identify the weaknesses within our economy and services, and – in the event of contained migration – should therefore be able to decide on its own migration policy.

This will serve to strengthen Wales allowing us to be nimble in answering our needs.

Why has Corbyn got such a problem with this?

He would rather see us wedded to policies designed for London and the south east of England, and let our communities suffer and become poorer.

It’s probably that he hasn’t thought this through, because if he did he would see that what’s in the best interests of the people, what is most likely to bring people out of poverty, is to allow Wales to control her own destiny and make decisions in her own interests.

This, after all, is what he is demanding for the Kurds. Don’t forget Welsh Kurds – their battle is also our battle.

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