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Carwyn admits Wales could be on path to independence

Wales is treated worse than Scotland and could be heading toward Independence.

That’s the admission made by Carwyn Jones today as Theresa May visited Swansea to promote the impending snap election triggering of Article 50.

His comments shows a man reaching peak frustration, willing to spill the family’s dirty little secret into the open.

“They (the Tory Government in London) are giving the impression sometimes that they do not listen.

“And what kind of message is that to the people of Wales?”

What kind of a message indeed.

It’s what has happened all along but Carwyn and his Unionist colleagues have, over the decades, refused to acknowledge. By denying this truth they shut down any discussion around the subject, thus denying Wales any hope of any level of equality within the Disunited Kingdom.

The truth is that Westmisnter does not listen. They never have, and they never will.

Try and think of one occasion when Wales was the deciding factor in their deliberations.

Can you think of any one example where the UK Government have sat down and said,

“We can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because it would go against Wales’ interests/it would damage Wales.”

We can’t think of an example because there aren’t any.

But Carwyn Jones chose his words carefully.

 “We need to see there is a dividend in being a devolutionist government that supports the union and we don’t see that dividend.”

It sounds innocuous, but there’s a clear message there. For those who have ears to listen, let them listen. Carwyn is saying, unless you give us something more we’ll have to admit that the UK is broken.

“Otherwise people in Wales are going to start saying, well, the government is listening to the Scots, we need to be like them. And that’s a dangerous path for the UK.”

Very dangerous. And we at Bella Towers like a little bit of danger.

Carwyn Jones is, at last, starting to show his teeth.

This is a high stakes poker game, now. He’s essentially telling Theresa May to listen or risk losing Wales as well. It’s an admission that Wales could be on the path towards independence and that he’s not in a position to stop it.

Carwyn daren’t say something like this previously.

By simply saying so publicly he’s putting questions in people’s minds about the nature of the relationship between the countries and regions of the UK.

It’s a Pandora ’s Box of a question. The Unionist Establishment have endeavoured to keep a lid on the issue for the past hundred years. The issue of whether or not Wales is treated as an equal member has been confined to the occasional opinion poll and political students.

When the issue has cropped up in public discourse, its proponents have been dismissed and ridiculed.

It’s one of the UK’s dirty little secrets. It’s as if we have angry parents arguing about a family secret, and Carwyn, in a fit of anger, has accidentally let it slip.

The truth is out.

In his frustration Carwyn has admitted that Wales does not get equal treatment to Scotland. The people of Wales will be forced to ask themselves, “why?”. What’s the difference between Scotland and Wales? Why is it that when Scotland starts to talk about independence they get more respect and the UK Government sits up and listens? They’ll also ask themselves, “if it’s good enough for Scotland, why isn’t it good enough for us?”

It’s clear that Carwyn knows the answer, otherwise he wouldn’t have threatened it.

What’s galling is that he knows what’s needed to improve living standards here in Wales, but has refused to employ those tools to secure greater investment, and has instead chosen to bow down to his imperial masters.

Well, now we all know.

By demanding Independence Wales will get more.

If we want to see our lives improved; our chances improved; then we must demand Independence.

Don’t take our word for it. Take it from Carwyn.

Wales’s future is now completely intertwined with Scotland’s future.

An opinion poll published by Opinium over the weekend suggested as much as well.


When asked,

Scotland leaving the UK would make Welsh independence more likely in the future

44% agreed. 22% Disagreed.

What’s more telling is that from the Welsh respondents 46% agreed.

This, coupled with the ITV Wales opinion poll which was published last July which showed an increased support for Welsh Independence in the event of Scottish Independence, it is clear that the future of ur sister nation will have a strong bearing on our future. They need as much help as possible, for both our sakes!


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