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You’re setting me free with one more kick in the teeth

A little over a year ago we wrote about how Wales’ First Minister, Carwyn Jones, warned Theresa May that Wales could follow Scotland and campaign for Independence.

The Guardian article linked to in that previous post, says,

“Jones, however, told the Guardian that May’s “tin ear” on issues of devolution would mean Westminster will soon replace the EU at the heart of voters’ frustrations at having their affairs managed from afar.”

He goes on to say,

“They (the Tory Government in London) are giving the impression sometimes that they do not listen.

“And what kind of message is that to the people of Wales?”

On the face of it this was an explicit threat. Listen to us. Treat us as equal partners, or else…

And it’s that ‘or else…’ threat left hanging there that’s now proving to be troublesome.

It’s as if we’re locked in a violent relationship.

“Do that one more time, or…”

“Don’t you dare do that again or…”

Or what, comes the reply from the abusive partner.

Or what.

This week we learned that Westminster will not back the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon – a project which has the potential to be a world leader, putting Wales at the vanguard of the renewable revolution; creating hundreds of direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs, and pumping millions into the Welsh economy.

This comes only a few months after the announcement that Westminster will not, after all, electrify the train line to Swansea.

And what was Carwyn Jones’ response this time?

This decision was “yet another kick in the teeth” he said.

Yet another.

Or what.

The payback for our obeisance is yet another kick in the teeth.

This relationship between Westminster and Wales isn’t working. Or at least there’s no mutual benefit to it.

We must extract ourselves from this relationship. Soon.

Carwyn Jones knows that we’re being screwed over by Westminster yet he’s unable, or unwilling, to do anything about it. What’s worse is, instead of carrying out his ‘or else’ threat, he and his Labour colleagues showed their complete servility by handing over Welsh powers to Westminster for seven years following the UK’s exit from the EU.

What sort of message does that give out?!

In the meantime Nicola Sturgeon is standing her ground firmly in the interests of Scotland.

To be fair, the blame doesn’t lie entirely with Carwyn Jones and his Labour party. This is what they’ve always done. We ought to know that by now.

Yet we continue to vote them in knowing that this is what they do.

The responsibility lies with us, the voting people of Wales.

The question then is, when will we learn this lesson?

When will we decide to say enough is enough and insist that we walk away from this cruel bond that we find ourselves in?

At what point do we realise that we have no more teeth left to be kicked?

When do we threaten the Labour Party in Wales with an ‘or else’… and walk away from them?

For the sake of Wales, and for the sake of our children, this needs to happen soon, or there won’t be a Wales worth caring for left.

But to be positive, let’s look at it another way.

It’s said that Walt Disney once said,

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

Some people learn from their experiences.

The final word should go to Papa Roach, who sang,

“You’re setting me free with one more kick in the teeth”

Is this what Carwyn meant? Let’s hope so!


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