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Speed up the Internet: If your own connection is slow and it takes hours to upload and download data, you can do something yourself to speed up your Internet connection. For this you can resort to various tricks and optimize your web with software tools. Instructions, tips and tricks with which you can speed up your Internet, we tell you on this topic page.

Speeding up the Internet: how to make your network fit for everyday use

If you want to make the most of videos, movies or music via streaming portals or simply surf the Internet comfortably, a fast Internet connection is essential. However, if your own network is working at a snail's pace, you'll be in trouble in no time. Remedy this by doing it yourself and accelerate your Internet. Various tricks that will make your internet faster will be revealed in the coming lines.

  1. Test the Internet: How fast is my DSL connection??
  2. Optimize WLAN: Router location, antennas, channels and co.
  3. More stable Internet connection: LAN cable instead of WLAN
  4. Google DNS Server: Better ping and more performance
  5. Internet slow: bring a slow network up to speed
  6. Windows 10: disable P2P update and speed up network
  7. Windows 10: disable network throttling
  8. Optimize Internet: Free tuning tools
  9. More on the topic: home networking and PC tuning

Testing the Internet: How fast is my DSL connection??

 With a test of your line you can already recognize the first problems – is there a problem with the upload or is the file download also running slowly?? If you want to check your line, you can refer to our DSL speed test.

Optimize WLAN: Router location, antennas, channels and more.

 A lot of performance falls by the wayside if a WLAN router is set up incorrectly. The right choice of location as well as tips about router antennas, channels and co. we reveal on our overview page for WLAN optimization.

More stable internet connection: LAN cable instead of WLAN

 A WLAN network has many advantages. You can connect your devices to the Internet throughout the house. But the wireless connection also has disadvantages if the line is insufficient: The consequence are annoying disconnections.

Remedy in such a case is a classic LAN cable. The direct connection between router and end device is especially suitable for desktop computers. The advantage of cabling is a more stable internet line. What you have to consider when planning and cabling, we tell in our network guide.

Google DNS Server: Better ping and more performance

 DNS servers convert text requests into IP addresses. This task is often done by the Google DNS server faster than the server specified by the provider. We reveal how you can improve your ping with the Google DNS.

Internet slow: Bringing a slow network up to speed

 First aid for your network: If your Internet is suddenly slow, you don't have to contact your provider directly. Instead, we'll show you what you can do yourself and give you some tips against a slow connection.

Windows 10: Disable P2P update and speed up network

 Windows 10 relies on "peer-to-peer" technology. This means that your computer acts as a server for other users to download files. We explain how to disable the function and speed up your network.

Windows 10: Disable network throttling

 The connection speed of your network connection is throttled by Windows by default. We explain how you can solve the network brake under Windows 10 for optimal gaming and streaming performance.

Optimize Internet: Free tuning tools

 On the software market you can find various programs to optimize your internet connections. Which tuning tools really help, we reveal in our overview of free Internet tuning tools.

More on the topic: Home networking and PC tuning

Do you want to get the most out of your devices?? Then we recommend you to set up your own home network. This allows you to stream videos to all your devices or set up your own photo cloud, for example. Everything you need to know, we tell you in our home network guide.

Also of interest: use various tricks to speed up your Windows 10 PC. This will not only speed up the booting process of your computer, but also free up power by disabling unnecessary services.

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